Sunday, December 19, 2010

Irish Dancing Christmas Show

Today we have my daughter's Christmas Show.  They have two performances and my family will be in attendance.  I hope to post some pictures later.  I'm just getting the hang of this blog.  I have been very busy the past two weeks with Christmas show practices and of course Christmas shopping.  I did manage to squeeze in a little reading.  I finally finished the Dark is Rising Sequence which I ended up really liking and thinking about while shopping. I will finish the review this week.  I also finished North of Beautiful which I chose to read because it received a good review on another blog - I'm going to have to keep better track of whose blog it was - and also because the storyline focuses on a teenage girl, a senior in high school, who has a "flawed" face and who wishes to escape her life, and I have a relative in a similar situation.

Also, I have to add the 2010 books that I read in the beginning of the year to my 2010 list.  I am having fun with this blog and must find the time to post more.

Have a great Sunday!

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