Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Salon

  • My decluttering challenge has been going along very well. Ever since I started on April 18, 2012, I have been throwing away or giving away one item every day. It has become a habit for me. Sometimes it's difficult to find an item, but I just keep looking in my drawers or closet, and I am able to find something unnecessary. I feel lighter and happier. It seems to come with having more space for the things I love and need. I just got rid of 4 pairs of hockey skates and helmets today from my garage. Some else will be able to use these. They were collecting at the local ice-skating rink. It feels good! I plan to continue this for a year and then see what happens. I love being able to know what I have in my closet.
  • I read The Power of Habit  and I decided to see if the author's method would work for me with my nail biting. Now this isn't why I took this book out from the library. My friend had said it was good and I'm always trying to come up with good habits to get the most out of life - like cleaning, writing, etc.  Anyway, he mentions how one woman used his method to stop biting her nails, and I thought I should try this! I can't believe it - in just a little over a week I had stopped biting and now it's been about 6 weeks. I get manicures to encourage me to continue and I think it helps to strengthen the nails. But I'm really happy not to have to spend a lot of money on nail tips. 
  • I have been listening to so many great books lately that I am so glad that I started listening to audiobooks. Thank you to my fellow bloggers!! I listen all the time - mostly when driving, but also while watering my lawns, waiting on supermarket lines, and waiting for appointments. I love to hear some of these beautiful stories come alive through their narrators. Just recently on audiobook I loved American Dervish and Middlesex. I love to drive anyway, but now I'm the driver for all trips to amusement parks and friends' homes no matter how far away they are. I always have my books to listen to on the way back home.
  • Have a great Sunday!

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